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Volunteer Check-In (late)

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September 16, 2017
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11:30am - 5:30pm




  1. Check-in Volunteers
  2. Set-up, maintain and breakdown check-in station and volunteer break area


Detailed list of tasks


  • Set up and organize volunteer check-in area
  • Place tablecloths on salon tables
    • Coordinate with fellow volunteers on comparing check-ins at critical times in case of no-shows. All no-shows should be reported to the Volunteer
    • Check-in all volunteers; give them an apron and/or t-shirt and wristband and direct them to their volunteer work location
    • Inform volunteers when & where to pick up their (Some volunteers are responsible for eating before or after their shift).
  • Remind volunteers to stay on the job until the job is complete and thank them!
  • Assist/cover for the Volunteer Lunch Monitor as needed
    • Assist in clean up and break down of the Steckter House. Including: gather/load all materials for return to CVNL (check in lists, ) and the IMHRO Office (aprons, radios, etc.) and the Kitchen fridge (meals, etc.), pick up trash and consolidate trash and recycling
    • Bag any linens and place outside kitchen door
    • Leave the Steckter House as it was found


Outdoors Meals Provided

Additional Information

Q: Minimum age to participate.
A: You must be age 16 or older to participate.

Q: Details of provided meals.
A: Boxed Lunch