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Music Festival for Brain Health

Who We Are

There are some big and exciting changes to this year’s Music Festival for Brain Health at Staglin Family Vineyards on Saturday, September 17th! As many of you have seen, the Music Festival has grown significantly over the past few years, including within the realm of volunteers for the event. Beginning this year, the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL) will be leading the Volunteer Task Force for the 22nd Annual International Mental Health Research Organization’s (IMHRO) Music Festival for Brain Health.

Fighting The Mental Illness Epidemic–Together

At IMHRO, we believe that effective approaches for recovery for persons with mental illness—perhaps even cures—can be attained within our lifetime. With your help, neuroscience will provide the key.

IMHRO was founded in 1995 by Shari and Garen Staglin, who, inspired by their experience with their son Brandon’s schizophrenia diagnosis and recovery, realized that “running toward the problem” could provide solutions not just for their own family but for people everywhere affected by mental illness. Since then, their tireless work, with their board and staff, has transformed the landscape of brain health research and inspired advocates around the world.

IMHRO funds the most promising neuroscientists who are growing our knowledge of how psychiatric disease works and our ability to heal those diseases at their roots.

- This funding works: Every IMHRO scientist funded from 2005 through 2012 has already received follow-on grants from the government or from private foundations to expand the research they began with IMHRO funding.

- Altogether, between donated and leveraged funding, IMHRO has raised over $225 million for neuroscience, such that for every dollar donated, three dollars have been provided to research.

What We Do

Just as in past years, volunteers will receive a t-shirt and will be provided a boxed meal and snacks during their shift. There are a variety of volunteer jobs and shifts within each job available, including:

  • Pre-Event Set-Up on Thursday before 9/17/16
  • Event Set-Up on Friday before 9/17/16
  • Shuttling
  • Dinner Set-Up/Plating
  • Hospitality Services in the Wine Caves
  • Symposium Usher
  • Concert Usher

22nd Music Festival for Brain Health 

Date: Saturday, September 17, 2016 

12pm - Scientific Symposium: Featuring keynote speaker, genetics expert Steven McCarroll, Ph.D., of the Harvard Broad Institute addressing the monumental discovery of the C4 gene's role in synaptic pruning as a cause for schizophrenia. 

2pm - Wine Tasting Reception: All star wine tasting reception in the caves featuring over 75 wineries from around the world pouring the best of the best. Also hors d'oeuvres by Chef Curtis di Fede of the highly anticipated Napa restaurant Miminashi. 

3:30pm - Concert Performance: Michael Franti & Spearhead will take the stage with their authentic and uplifting music and bring the crowd to their dancing feet with multi-platinum songs like "Say Hey (I Love You)," chart breaking releases like "Sound of Sunshine," and recent inspirational hits like "Once a Day." 

5:30pm - VIP Dinner: James Beard Award-Winner, Chef Gerard Craft of Niche, St. Louis and Nashville, will treat major donors to an exclusive four-course dinner featuring his "New American Cuisine" expertly paired with the wines of Staglin Family Vineyard followed by After-dinner dancing and specialty cigars in the gazebo. 

Please note: This is not where you can register to attend (this page is solely for volunteer sign-ups). However, if you are interested in attending please visit or call 707.963.4038.