Organization Profile

What We Do:

2050kids engages and empowers youth and communities in sustainable solutions to adapt to and even reverse the progression of climate change. We work alongside communities to build discovery-learning programs that mitigate local climate impacts. Our programs are designed to uncover and unleash the inherent skills and imagination needed to strengthen affected populations in creating sustainable livelihoods. We focus on those who have traditionally been overlooked for such reasons as:Lack of formalized educationDisadvantage due to disability or povertyDisenfranchisement due to culture or geography

Who We Are:

By 2050, an estimated population of 9.7 billion faces unprecedented disruptions to vital ecological and social systems unless we begin reversing climate change. And that‚??s just the beginning: Billions of people risk displacement75% of the world population face the possibility of severe water shortagesFood insecurity will be rampant unless crop yields increase by 70%Over 1/3 of all plant and animal species faces extinctionMalnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and heat stress could cause 250,000 additional deaths annually With average global temperatures minimally rising by 2¬∞C - 3¬∞C, the disappearance of the Arctic ice cap could obliterate global ocean circulationMega-droughts, devastating heat waves and flooded coastal cities jeopardize the lives of billions2050kids proposes a bold and unique solution to change this trajectory.Our ‚??Climate Rescue‚?ù approach works alongside those who inherit and will inhabit the world in 2050 to reverse environmental instability by cutting atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, not just emissions.

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