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What We Do:

BrightFutures is a project of the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay and aims to recruit a volunteer force of career ambassadors from an array of industries and occupations to inspire youth and thus impact the workforce of tomorrow.The Workforce Alliance of the North Bay is a joint powers agency comprised of Marin, Napa and Lake Counties. The Alliance partners with local government, businesses, educators and community groups to develop and implement regional workforce policies and programs to support economic growth throughout the region.

Who We Are:

BrightFutures operates as an online database that connects educators to a ready pool of working professionals to speak with students about their jobs and career paths. Volunteers give one hour of their time once a year to speak to students in classrooms, in roundtable discussions or at career fairs. That‚??s it!So for one hour a year, join us in helping our young people identify their career options, broaden their perspectives, and realize their potential. We need professionals from all industries and jobs and from entry-level to management positions.Registration is easy and takes less than five minutes to complete. Here are the steps:1) Go to Go to the blue box titled ‚?ùvolunteers‚?ù and click on ‚??create an account‚?ù.3) You will receive an email requesting you to ‚??confirm‚?ù your email address. Follow the link provided to you. You will be directed to the BrightFutures homepage.4) Under ‚??Registration Complete‚?ù, click on ‚??continue‚?ù. You will be directed to a page to choose a county in which you would like to volunteer.5) Select the county of your choice. If you are using a mobile device, your county may be automatically identified for you based on your geographical location. If so, click on ‚??search‚?ù. You will then be directed to a page listing different academic subject areas.6) Click on the name of the subject area that best matches your career field. Click on ‚??sign up‚?ù. You will be asked to enter your contact information. After you enter your contact information, click on ‚??sign up‚?ù again.7) Upon successful completion, you will see ‚??You have successfully signed up for the project.‚?ùSchool staff will contact you when an opportunity becomes available!

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