Organization Profile

California Reentry Program

What We Do:

To assist California prisoners in successfully reentering society including developing parole plans; providing prisoners assistance with developing social skills and obtaining services in their local communities; promoting public support for such programs; and providing a model for reentry programs that can be replicated in California and elsewhere.

Who We Are:

The California Reentry Program (CRP) started in 2003 in response to two trends: 1) the national incarceration rate rose to one in 100; and 2) California?s recidivism rate reached 70%, the highest in the country. Furthermore, in response to the state?s budget crisis in 2009, CA lawmakers cut $250 million from rehabilitation, resulting in 13 of the 19 education programs at San Quentin being eliminated. CRP helps fill the gap left by these cuts. Today we have more than 25 volunteers helping prisoners at San Quentin State Prison make parole plans and referring them to vital information and services.

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San Quentin, CA, 94964