Organization Profile

Computer & Technology Resource Center

What We Do:

We are a non-profit electronics recycler that gives free refurbished computers to schools, non-profit organizations and economically and/or physically disadvantaged individuals.

Who We Are:

We help narrow the digital divide by giving away thousands of computers to those without access to computer technology. We have an established training program where volunteers learn to refurbish discarded computers for home, school, and office applications. Computer technology has become a vital tool in our information society. More Americans are going online every day to communicate, access information, conduct business and search for jobs. When new technologies emerge, they empower those who have access to them and put those who do not at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, those who are the least able to afford the latest tool of productivity are those members of society who already find it difficult to make ends meet. Consequently, the forward march of technology pushes them even further down the economic ladder. Studies such as the 2000 report from the Economics and Statistics Administration show that lower-income households are consistently less likely to own a computer than higher income households. At the same time that there are families without access to technology, each year in California hundreds and thousands of computers, monitors, printers, fax machines and other electronic equipment have become ?obsolete? in the eyes of the owners and are discarded for newer models. Rapid advances in technology and expanding demand for new features accelerate the growing numbers of discarded electronic devices. This older, but often perfectly usable, electronic equipment can be refurbished for reuse and donated to economically disadvantaged families and individuals, allowing them to gain new skills and, perhaps, create hope in their lives. MCRC is a division of Computer & Technology Resource Center (a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation, TIN 68-0395504), provide services to the community to address these unmet needs. Our objectives are twofold: to deploy technology to the communities who need it the most; and to reduce the stream of e-waste into the environment. We provide a solution to the growing e-waste problem by collecting thousands of tons of unwanted hazardous electronics from the community and diverting it from the waste stream. We refurbish discarded computers and electronic equipment and donate it to disadvantaged families and individuals, schools, non-profit organizations, and libraries around the world. The electronics we collect that aren't suitable for reuse are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Novato, CA, 94949