Organization Profile

Downtown Streets Team

What We Do:

Downtown Streets Team's mission is to end homelessness through the dignity of work. We believe that by giving an individual their sense of dignity back, they are then more likely to not only set goals for themselves, but also achieve those goals. We accomplish this mission by supporting people in an individualized way, meeting them where they are and encouraging them in their efforts.

Who We Are:

Downtown Streets Team is a work-experience program that aims to end homelessness. Individuals who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness volunteer their time and do beautification projects with our organization around different neighborhoods. We give these individuals access to a case manager and employment specialist who create goals for each individual and help them achieve these goals, whether it be to get full-time employment or permanent housing for instance. We are also starting a mobile shower program as another way to give individual's their dignity back. We will be bringing showers to individuals experiencing homelessness rather than making them come to the showers.

Housing & Shelter
San Rafael, CA, 94901