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Environmental Forum Of Marin

What We Do:

The Environmental Forum of Marin is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the environment by educating its Members and the Marin citizenry about local and global ecology and environmental issues. In furtherance of this purpose, the Environmental Forum conducts programs on environmental issues and hosts public events that offer educational experiences for its members and the public so they can influence decision-making.

Who We Are:

The Environmental Forum of Marin is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the quality of our environment through education. Established in 1972 by a dedicated group of environmentalists who fought to defeat the over-development of Marin in the 1960s, Environmental Forum is a leader in environmental education and public service. The Environmental Forum Master Class is an intensive fall/winter semester program focusing on ecology, human impacts on the environment, resource management, and citizen and community action. It consists of comprehensive, one-day-a-week classes and field trips throughout Marin County, with advocacy training and an opportunity to complete a mentored personal project. More than 100 people contribute their services to provide this professional and respected environmental education program, from which over 1,000 people have graduated.Our Lecture Series provides a complementary series of Wednesday evening and Saturday morning lectures on pressing environmental issues. The Lecture Series, which is open to the general public, offers a forum in which to explore the main aspects of sustainability and how such practices can be incorporated at the city, county and municipal levels. Graduates of our education programs have gone on to serve environmental causes in both public and private sectors, in capacities such as directors of conservation organizations, representatives on city, county and regional boards and commissions, and elected officials holding local and national public office.Environmental Forum of Marin web site offers timely information about the Forum's educational activities, including education schedules and recent accomplishments of our graduates and board committees. The site also describes the opportunities we offer to participate in preserving and improving the quality of our environment.Membership in Environmental Forum of Marin is offered to all Master Class graduates, and to anyone interested in learning more about the support of our healthy and complex natural ecosystems.

San Rafael, CA, 94915