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ForWords Literacy Lab

What We Do:

Mission ForWords Literacy Lab‚??s mission is to provide literacy development programs for the underserved population of first generation students in our community, the majority of whom are English Language Learners.Vision ForWords will become a leading source of rich and engaging programs for under-served youth by providing opportunities for self-expression through writing, speaking, technology and the arts.History ForWords was inspired by the life of Catie Siegel, a young woman who loved reading and writing and appreciated the extraordinary ethnic, cultural and intellectual diversity of our Northern California communities. Catie was kind and open-hearted, and, in that, gently self-possessed. In the last years of her life she worked at Borders Books, where she could always be found among the words and ideas she so valued. She was discovering, as well, her own voice and strength of character in the poetry and fiction she had begun to put to page. ForWords began as a tribute to Catie, but more importantly it has evolved as a means of opening for other students the world of writing, thought and art, that she had set-out to explore.

Who We Are:

Reading, Writing, Speaking & Thinking ForWords Literacy Lab programs help students gain fluency and proficiency in spoken and written English, and develop reading, writing and critical thinking skills.Writing projects include poetry, personal stories, guides for high school students, essays, letters, reports, public service announcements, plays, and business plans. Spoken word projects include performances, mock trials, public presentations, job-interview practice, and interviews of community leaders and elders.Digital Arts & Publications 21st century technology skills are critical for success in our democracy and in the marketplace. ForWords provides digital arts and technology teachers and equipment for our students' storytelling, video and photography skills. ForWords also provides a wide range of publishing and software opportunities. Our students have digitally created and published a variety of their own writing projects.Teacher Support ForWords Literacy Lab is committed to training, mentoring and coaching public school teachers in our in-school programs. We also are pleased to have a partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, to provide support for new teachers in the Multicultural Urban Secondary English Master‚??s and Credential Program (MUSE).

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