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What We Do:

The Gilead House mission is to offer hope to families in need by providing transitional housing and life skills that lead toward a stable life and permanent housing. Gilead House has been helping families in Novato, CA since 1999 as a grassroots response to the increasing number of women and children who were precariously housed in Marin County. Unfortunately, sixteen years later single mothers and their children continue to be challenged with the lack of affordable housing in Marin County. According to the Marin County 2015 Point-In-Time Census and Survey eleven percent of homeless individuals in Marin County were under the age of 18. Additionally, children in families experiencing homelessness have increased incidence of illness and are more likely to have emotional and behavioral problems than children with consistent living accommodations as reported by, the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness 2013. The need is great and Gilead House continues to work tirelessly to fulfill the mission to bring hope to families in need by providing transitional housing and life skills that lead toward a stable life and permanent housing.

Who We Are:

Gilead House is so much more than a safe respite from the threatening uncertainties of homelessness, domestic violence and the many forms of addiction. There is the Gilead House and there is also the Gilead Way. The Gilead Way empowers women to reach their full potential. Moms enter our disciplined program to learn new life skills including securing employment, completing school, acquiring financial intelligence, improving parenting skills, learning better nutrition and for those needful, entering a 12-step program. Here is gained a leveraging multiplier effect because mothers then have the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to their children.The 12-18 month program provides a stable home environment surrounding the family with supportive relationships including a program coordinator, house manager, three person mentor team, life skills teachers, other families, and a large community of volunteers.Mothers in the program are required to pay $ 400.00 a month as a program fee, save 10% of their income each month, have their children in their care at least 50% of the time, attend Life Skills educational classes each week, meet weekly with their support team, work and/ or attend an educational/career program at least 32 hours a week. In 2015, Gilead House (6 bedroom/6 bath home) determined that families needed a longer period of support in order for them to achieve the greatest success. A 12 unit apartment complex in Novato ( GH2) was purchased as the next step for families to enter after graduation from (GH1). Families at GH2 continue to receive support services for up to one year, are required to attend Life Skills classes, pay a program fee and focus on saving/planning for the next step towards stable housing.

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