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Healthy Planet US

What We Do:

We are a community that has been brought together through the love of food, and the love of living a healthy lifestyle. The more we learn about food and teach others, there is a common thread of realization that our food system is scary. As our Healthy Planet community grows, we bring together families, teachers, small business owners, cooks, farmers, artists, and nonprofit leaders who all have a unique journey, but similar passion, through food. These community opportunities of sharing stories about food, cooking skills, and creativity using real, whole foods, has created the Healthy Planet culture that is inspiring a new generation of conscious eaters.

Who We Are:

Our missionIs to inspire a new generation of conscious eaters. Our visionIs to sustain a healthy planet by inspiring individuals, families, communities, and businesses to think about their food choices. We believe the health of our local communities are inextricably linked to the health of the planet. One way to improve the health of a community is by educating the next generation of eaters. Our goal Is a garden in every school in America. Our work begins with one school garden program at a time. School gardens give students hands on experience, connect them to what they eat, and nurture their creativity and entrepreneurship. And by establishing a garden in their school, we make it easy for students to improve the health and well-being of their peers and families, strengthen their communities and help heal the planet.

Health & Human Services
San Francisco, CA, 94127