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Humankind Alliance is dedicated to providing social and emotional intelligence training through non-traditional modes of education to forge collaborations for a solution-based world.At Humankind Alliance we believe that strong connections make strong communities: that every person, regardless of gender, race, career, or class is an integral and vital contributor. It takes all of us, operating as a nation at our highest potential and working together to address the modern challenges that we face to rebuild a foundation of trust, respect, and understanding. From this foundation we can come together as humankind, and forge solutions to large scale challenges.

Who We Are:

HA addresses two major issues that affect our nation; the disintegration of trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve, and the lack of opportunities for women in fields of service to expand their personal development and leadership capabilities. We tackle these issues through cutting-edge training modalities that educate and inspire. HA's solutions-based approach gets to the heart of the issues and creates swift and effective change.Law Enforcement Community Initiatives:THRIVE.  THRIVE provides law enforcement across the country modernized/standardized trainings regardless of size, budget, and expertise of agencies. The outcome is cutting-edge, comprehensive trainings that are easily disseminated and implemented to every law enforcement agency in the country.THRIVE addresses critical challenges including adept communication, tactical, navigating public mental health, and more. Influential community members integrate into THRIVE trainings, creating mutual understanding, humanizing law enforcement, and empowering transparency capable of collapsing walls previously formed.RENEW. RENEW provides comprehensive educational programs for communities creating awareness into How and Why men and women behind the badge operate, empowering civilians to work together with them to forge a peaceful and safer country.RENEW embraces social media by implementing a forum for immediate feedback from civilians directly to law enforcement and vice-versa. This open forum fosters collaboration, increases transparency and helps to recognize challenges and navigate solutions in real time. Women's Scholarship Programs: Women in fields of service are vital to communities across the nation. They are your child, teacher, your father‚ caregiver, your sister, nurse, the soldier protecting your freedom, and the woman in law enforcement who keeps your neighborhood safe. These women are rarely recognized for their contributions to the world, but are dedicated public servants. Here at HA, we know that these women are leaders. Their intimate roles in the lives of others gives them an immense capacity to create change. We are dedicated to providing these women with the skills and tools to help them grow and develop as individuals and as leaders.We deliver these tools in a non-traditional and exciting way through our Operation - Beyond the Trenches: Women's Scholarship Program.

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