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Marin Friends Of Ferals

What We Do:

Marin Friends of Ferals is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to providing humane care and management of feral community cats in Marin.

Who We Are:

Our primary purpose is: 1) To help Marin County residents reduce the population of unaltered feral and homeless cats through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). TNR is a humane method of population control. Trapped cats are then brought to the local humane society or a veterinarian for spay/neuter, tests and vaccinations, ear-tipping for identification, and then returned to their colonies. 2) Colony management through volunteer feeders and trappers. Marin Friends of Ferals (MFF) promotes the adoption of long-term caretaker based solutions regarding feral cats. We recruit volunteers to help with daily feedings of the various colonies throughout Marin. Caretakers deliver food supplied by MFF and leave food and clean water at each site. Cat houses or other types of shelter are built or purchased by MFF for protection from the elements. Caretakers also monitor their colonies for signs of illness so those animals may be re-trapped to receive veterinary care. 3) Foster colony kittens and socialize adoptable cats for eventual adoption. MFF provides volunteer foster parents who bring the cats home and prepare them for a permanent home of their own. With human touch and care, these kittens are domesticated and put up for adoption. With kittens older than 12 weeks, where socialization is attempted but not successful, the animal is released back to its colony where it is cared for by caretakers for the remainder of its life. 4) Raise public awareness of the plight of Marin's homeless and feral cats through education. MFF provides instruction to the public on TNR and how to manage a feral cat colony through personal demonstrations and a Colony Care Guide" given to volunteers and interested parties. We loan traps

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