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Senior Advocacy Services is 1 agency with 3 programs. HICAP is the Medicare Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program that provides free and unbiased 1-on-1 Medicare counseling, advocacy and education so beneficiaries can make informed healthcare decisions. The Long Term Care Ombudsman partner with residents in long term care facilities to advocate and solve issues. The Elder Justice Initiative unifies community support services and organizations in the protection of older adults.As non profit volunteer based programs, there is a range of skills unique to each that require just the right person who is dedicated to learning, advocating and making a difference.

Who We Are:

HICAP, the Medicare Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program, was established by the California Department of Aging in 1984. The program is designed to provide Medicare beneficiaries with assistance in dealing with Medicare, HMOs, long-term care insurance, and other health insurance issues. This statewide program is broken into regions.North Bay HICAP counselors assist people in Marin, Napa, Solano, Lake, Mendocino,and Sonoma Counties at contracted sites in the communities they live, on set dates and times each week by appointment set through our administrative office. Medicare can be complex and the challenge of learning and helping others through the maze can be rewarding. If you like learning and educating individuals, there is extensive training and an internship with ongoing updates and educational opportunities. After completing the necessary hours of education and internship, you become registered with the California Department of Aging as a HICAP counselor.The average tenure of our counselors is 7 years. As retired professionals, they gain great satisfaction from their service and enjoy the camaraderie of the 35 other counselors spread throughout the region and within their geographic area during local educational training.Join our involved and dedicated group of counselors here at HICAP.

Older Adults & Aging
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