Organization Profile


What We Do:

Miles for Migraine is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit with the mission of improving the lives of migraine patients and their families, raising public awareness about headache disorders, and helping find a cure for migraine. Miles for Migraine produces fun run events, typically 5k and 10k races to raise money for migraine research, and also hosts youth camps for kids and teens suffering from migraine or other headache disorders.

Who We Are:

A Miles for Migraine race includes a 2 mile walk, 5K run, and 10K run. We are focused on raising awareness that migraine is not ‚??just a headache‚?ù. Migraine is in fact a serious neurological disorder that can have debilitating effects on those that suffer, as well as their family and friends. More people suffer from migraine in the U.S. than asthma and diabetes combined .. yet it is severely underfunded. Our event attracts the serious runner and weekend racer, the migraineur as well as their family members and friends who want to come out and support the cause. Whether you walk or run ‚?¶ as a team, with a family member or all alone with just your thoughts‚?¶ you‚??ll be surrounded by the wonderful camaraderie from participants, volunteers and the Miles for Migraine team. Miles for Migraine is dedicated to raising awareness and funding for migraine as well as other headache disorders. Money raised through our race events is donated directly to fund migraine research. Learn more at our beneficiaries page.

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