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Napa Emergency Women's Services

What We Do:

NEWS was formed in 1981 when a group of community members realized there was no safe place for women and children to go when they were fleeing abuse at home. Volunteers had been taking battered women and their children into their own homes to protect them, and the need for a safe shelter was clear. Our founders worked in partnership with local leaders to acquire a house where women and children could find safety and support, and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.Today NEWS has grown into a strong organization with a dedicated group of staff and volunteer domestic violence and sexual assault counselors, providing direct client services as well as shelter 24 hours a day/7 days a week, to approximately 1200 people each year. We work on prevention through education and outreach programs.Support for NEWS comes from many sources. The largest portion of our funding comes from grants from federal, state, and local sources such as the Auction Napa Valley. Our community fundraising events make up part of our budget, and we depend on the generosity of individuals and community groups who support us in our mission.The NEWS Board of Directors is a group of leaders from a wide cross-section of the Napa community, providing governance and support to help NEWS meet its mission. They give their time, talents, and support to keep NEWS going strong, always guided by the belief that everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

Who We Are:

The NEWS Safe House is a safe, confidential house located in a residential neighborhood. It is a real home with a beautiful kitchen, private bedrooms and bathrooms, indoor and outdoor play areas for children, and a cozy family room where clients can relax or hold family meetings. NEWS staff is there around the clock to work with clients on individualized plans to find resources for a future free of violence.24-hour Crisis Line confidential support is provided by a trained domestic violence counselor in either English or Spanish at 707-255-NEWS (6397). Anyone is welcome to call us to talk about any experiences or concerns regarding abusive relationships.Counseling Services are provided by an intern therapist under supervision of a licensed therapist, and are available in English and Spanish for uninsured victims of domestic violence through the ‚??Bridges‚?ù Program (in collaboration with Family Services of the Napa Valley). Clients are referred by NEWS staff for short-term, one-on-one, professional counseling.‚??Seeking Safety‚?ù group counseling for women is available at no cost at several confidential locations throughout the community in both English and Spanish. These sessions are strengths-based and focused on creating healthy coping skills.Adults are not the only victims of Domestic Violence: NEWS‚?? Kids Exposed to Domestic Violence Services (KEDS) addresses the needs of the children of Domestic Violence survivors. Our Children‚??s Advocates provide support, care and fun activities for children while they are in our shelter or at the NEWS office. The advocates are also available to talk with victims of domestic violence about their concerns over what their children may have seen, heard or been exposed to in the home and how it is affecting them. There are many helpful services and activities for children and parents available in our community. The Children‚??s Advocates help connect families with those activities that fit their needs and preferences. The ultimate goal of the KEDS Program is to help children and families heal from their exposure to domestic violence and to prevent future violence in the lives of children. We believe that with early intervention and support, a brighter, violence-free future is possible for every child.The Court Advocacy Program provides help with the process of filing for protective orders and advocacy to victims of domestic violence. The Court Advocate will work together with clients to find resources pertaining to child custody, visitation, and other civil issues related to abuse.The Domestic Violence Response Team Program utilizes a team of trained domestic violence counselor volunteers to respond immediately to victims of domestic violence at the request of law enforcement. They either go directly to the scene of an incident or to a designated safe location. The counselors provide emotional support, information, safety planning, and resources. They work with each client to develop a plan for follow-up services.‚??Safe Solutions‚?ù is a program funded by Napa County, to provide one-on-one case management services. This program is designed for clients with co-occurring substance abuse, mental health, and/or domestic violence issues. Very often, women trapped in violent relationships come from traumatic childhoods. They have often witnessed abuse or been victims of abuse themselves. In an effort to cope, some women have turned to unsafe behaviors such as self-medication or self-injurious behavior. This program focuses on safe behavior, and creating, in partnership with clients, tools to cope in healthy ways by using the clients own strengths and abilities.The Transitional Housing Program assists clients in finding safe, affordable housing. Continued supportive services are also a part of this program. These services can last for up to two years. Many NEWS clients who find shelter in the Safe House, transition into apartments of their own.The Survivor Pet Outreach Team (SPOT) is a program of NEWS which matches the pets of women entering the NEWS emergency shelter with a foster caregiver who will take care of the animal while the woman receives care and counseling at the shelter. Often women will choose to stay with their abuser instead of seeking shelter because they are afraid that their beloved pet will be harmed or neglected. SPOT provides a safe home for the pet with a caring trained volunteer. Once the survivor is ready to live on her own, the pet will be returned, safe and sound.The Soft Place to Land" program is designed to provide brand new beds to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Many times

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