Organization Profile

What We Do:

Napa Grad Nite is an annual event created by Project Graduation Inc., a 501c(3) non-profit. The Board of Directors that plans and runs Grad Nite consists of at least 14 volunteers from the community who work throughout the year to ensure its success.

Who We Are:

Napa Grad Nite is an annual event that provides a fun, safe, and sober graduation night for all of Napa County's grads. Grad Nite is run entirely by community volunteers and relies almost exclusively on donations and corporate sponsorships for its funding. There are no government grants or funding, no administrative budget and no one is paid. Every dollar raised from the community for Grad Nite is applied toward hosting the event. Students are charged a nominal admission ticket price that is less than 50% of the actual cost for hosting the event. The majority of our budget comes from donors, without whom Grad Nite would not be possible.Project Graduation Inc.‚??s goal is to raise enough money from the community so that we can keep student admission prices low enough to where every Senior wanting to attend Grad Nite can do so. Project Graduation Inc. also donates some tickets to local high schools for direct distribution to students who might not otherwise be able to attend. Grad Nite is open to all Napa area high school Seniors and typically attracts between 500-700 attendees. It is run by approximately 150 community volunteers who step forward in the days and hours prior to and during the event to ensure the tradition continues each year.Grad Nite was born in 1987 after several years of tragic auto accidents resulted in the senseless loss of young promising lives and a broken hearted community. Recognizing the need to do something, the community banded together to create an all-night event that would allow Seniors to celebrate their important achievement in a safe and sober environment. Students are feted from 8:30 pm Graduation Day to 5am the next morning. It is an evening of non-stop entertainment and all-you-can-eat food. Students return home to their families in the early hours of the next day, safe and secure, grateful that a caring community has helped provide them with a day they will remember all their long lives

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