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Napa Valley Support Services

What We Do:

Napa Valley Support Services has been providing services to adults with developmental disabilities since 1956. It was started by a group of concerned parents who wanted meaningful activities for their children and has since grown from a single day program for 10 adults into three programs that provide services to more than 375 individuals with disabilities annually.In our three programs, Napa Personnel Systems, Imperial Way Program and Brown Street Gallery, we focus on quality-of-life issues specific to adults with disabilities. These programs offer our clients opportunities to earn income through their own labor, to express themselves through the arts, to learn at a pace that accommodates their needs, and to demonstrate to themselves and to others that they are contributing members of society.

Who We Are:

Napa Valley Support Services, Imperial Way program contracts with local businesses to allow small groups of workers to build skills, receive pay for work performed and contribute their skills to an employer who has a particular need. Work can range from 2 to 20 hours per week and payment is based on individual production.For individuals who prefer not to work in the community, for various reasons, but still want the opportunity to earn some income there are in-house work opportunities. These opportunities and pay vary based on individual needs and skills.The goal for working individuals is to build their skills while increasing their confidence and independence on the job.Individuals who are interested can participate in creative art classes, music and movement, rhythmic arts, relaxation techniques, sports and exercise activities.Our staff assists people to learn socially acceptable ways of communicating, developing friendships, getting along with others, building positive and respectful social interaction amongst peers, co-workers, employers and all people in the community.Individuals can choose to develop computers skills, functional academics and money management skills.At the Brown Street Gallery Program, individuals have the ability to earn money through the sale of their creative expressions. We are a member of the Artists of the Valley Gallery in downtown Napa and maintain a rotating display of work by our artists. We host four Art Shows annually with opening receptions at the gallery.Lastly at our Napa Personnel Systems program we have been helping individuals with disabilities find, learn and maintain jobs. Since everyone is different, we do this one person at a time. Our services are for adults who are supported by either the Department of Rehabilitation or North Bay Regional Center. We provide employment related support to over 180 individuals annually throughout the Napa Valley.Depending on the individual‚??s requirements a variety of personnel services may be utilized such as learning how to search for a job, interview with a potential employer, how to get to and from work or paid opportunities to try a job.Overall our main mission is to provide opportunities through employment, education, creative expression and community involvement for individuals with disabilities.

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