Organization Profile

Napa Wildlife Rescue

What We Do:

We support and advocate for wildlife through: -Rehabilitation -Education -Community outreach and -Partnerships, in order to promote sustainable and healthy ecosystems in Napa County for the present and future generation. Napa Wildlife Rescue (NWR) was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit corporation?under the direction of local veterinarian Shirley Harmon. NWR is licensed through the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to possess and provide temporary care for sick, orphaned, or injured California wildlife pursuant to Section 679, Title 14, Code of Regulations (CCR). Additionally, we are permitted through the US Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Division to rehabilitate migratory birds.

Who We Are:

Napa Wildlife Rescue is the only organization in Napa County permitted to rehabilitate orphaned, sick, or injured wild animals, and release them back into their native habitat. We provide a unique and valuable service to the Napa community, and the majority of the work done is completed by our team of trained volunteers.

Napa, CA, 94558