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Northbay Family Homes

What We Do:

Northbay Family Homes is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit housing development corporation, incorporated in 1978.The mission of NFH is to facilitate home ownership and rental opportunities for the workforce of the North Bay Area of San Francisco. delivers specialized consumer financial and counseling services for low and moderate income clients and has worked tirelessly to advance the needs of workforce families to obtain quality rental and homeownership opportunities, closer to their place of work. NFH has been a proactive leader and committed partner in the development of affordable homes for over three decades and has successfully completed over 40 projects providing more than 4,000 homes - with 2,000 of those made affordable to purchase or rent. NFH has distinguished its nonprofit agency as a premier expert in planning, development, consulting, and sales of affordable workforce homes.NFH has provided counseling and education to many thousands of buyers since its inception, including over 5,000 applicants from 2003 through 2006 for the Hamilton Navy Reuse Development which created 1200 homes in Novato, 70% of them affordable. The 313 acre Navy Reuse Plan was the United States’ first ever transfer of land from military to civilian reuse, and NFH was involved from the beginning feasibility studies done in the mid 1970’s. We are proud to have played a part in the development of one of California’s largest, best balanced and, even more importantly, most affordable new neighborhoods.The staff of Northbay amily Homes shares a lifetime commitment to building affordable housing for Marin and Sonoma County workforce families. All of the company’s employees have dedicated themselves to building strong and caring communities through creating opportunities for home ownership for the workforce who wants to call the North Bay area their home.

Who We Are:

Our program is designed for the benefit of low to moderate income families and individuals.  For families prepared and qualified for homeownership, our expertise and resources are a significant advantage to them.Fixing housing costs leads to long term family stability, as well as access to higher education, and jobs with higher incomes. NFH educates and advises homebuyers on credit issues, home loan products, down payment assistance, use of special savings accounts for home buying, and availability of private and public assistance for LMI buyers.  Through partnerships with lender affiliates sensitive to the needs of First Time Home Buyers (FTHBs), NFH provides access to fixed rate mortgages at extremely affordable interest rates. We assess and deliver whenever possible down payment assistance (DAP) to allow families to hold on to more family assets for other/emergency use. We serve buyers with alternative credit history and less than stellar credit scores.  NFH is adept at determining which of numerous LMI lending programs will best serve the customer.  There is no one size fits all.NFH strives to improve each client’s understanding of home purchase process, budgeting and credit management, loan products, and tax benefits.  Our goal is to ensuring that each borrower receives a stable fixed rate mortgage on best terms available at the time.  We provide information and services regarding the benefits and responsibilities of homeownership.  NFH hand picks its affiliates which is key to ensuring a successful matchup between buyers and mortgage counselors and third party DAP providers. As a licensed broker and realtor, NFH can act as buyer’s agent representing FTHB’s best interests in the purchase of a new home.  Our programs aim to facilitate homeownership for families choosing to live closer to their place of work and nearer to schools, shops and transit. By guiding our homebuyers to purchase locally and affordably, NFH promotes shorter commutes, reduction of carbon emissions, improvement of quality of family life, and investment in one’s community. It is well proven that educating workforce buyers is the key to their becoming successful homeowners and staying current on their mortgages. 

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