Organization Profile

Oakland Natives Give Back Fund, Inc

What We Do:

Oakland Natives Give Back Fund Inc. (ONGB) is an Oakland, CA. based nonprofit 501(c)(3) that addresses the truancy and chronic absenteeism epidemic in OUSD with innovative programs and strategic initiatives that engage the entire community. In partnership with Assemblymember Rob Bonta, The Office of the Mayor, Oakland Parks & Recreation, Oakland Unified School District and local community and corporate leaders, ONGB aims to raise awareness around daily attendance.

Who We Are:

Oakland Natives Give Back's community vision is a connected Oakland. To that end, we strive to inspire and enable current and former Oakland residents to serve the community. We see service as a means of connecting one‚??s own wellbeing to that of everyone else in the community. As such, ONGB's world vision was grown out of the notion that the world is interconnected and interdependent. The suffering of one inevitably impacts all of us. An act of kindness for one benefits all of us.

Youth Development
Oakland, CA, 94609