Organization Profile

Orphan Dog Rescue (formerly Lake County Animal Services)

What We Do:

To provide the rescue, adoption and population control services necessary to ensure all companion animals in Lake County a stable and loving home in which to complete a natural lifespan. To improve the quality of relationships between people and pets, so that they stay together, with emphasis on training, vaccinations, and alteration. To support and lead other animal protection and human service organizations, locally and across the country, with solid program models that help save animals and bring the healing touch of animals to local communities. To create educational programs utilizing innovative methods to introduce the higher ideals of compassion toward animals and people, define responsible pet guardianship and make the case for the need to control companion animal overpopulation.

Who We Are:

Volunteers needed for regular Saturday dog adoption events in Marin County & Petaluma at Pet Food Express stores and special events to: socialize, bath, and walk dogs, and share information with prospective adopters.

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Lakeport, CA, 95453