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Parent Services Project

What We Do:

Parent Services Project strengthens families to provide for and take leadership in assuring the well being of children, families, and communities.

Who We Are:

Instill family support principles in the policies and educational and service systems that impact children and families Promote family support and leadership development in early childhood, school, and community settings Families can be their children's best advocates, if they are part of a supportive community that recognizes their strengths, listens to their voices and relies on their ability to influence and impact system change. But many need help learning how to become advocates. Thus, the goal of PSP is to provide parents with the opportunities to develop the skills and access the resources they need to meet the challenges of raising children to thrive and succeed as they do so themselves. The program is staffed by family support coordinators who work with a parent leadership group - representatives of the parent population. The groups plan the programs according to the hopes and needs. Offerings may included a Spanish-English literacy class for families, a family camping trip, a garden , a soccer league, parenting classes, CPR training, cooking classes, picnics and celebrations. On the first Sunday of the month, one program offers a father's breakfast." The fathers bring their children

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