Organization Profile

Project Awareness And Special Sports (PAASS)

What We Do:

Tyler Barbee, the founder of PAASS, originally known as Challenger Baseball and Basketball, was looking to create an inclusive supportive environment for children with special needs. His older brother Connor is autistic.. Tyler knew that Connor was special and he just needed the opportunity to show this. Baseball had always been a huge part of Tyler's life and he wanted to share this with his brother. Tyler also believed that having buddies support and engage the players would be important. Connor was usually included at his local elementary school and Tyler saw how much he benefited from being around his peers in a controlled environment. Tyler also realized how much they learned from Connor. Tyler wants to eliminate barriers. He wants people to change the way they think about others who may be different. Individual's with special needs have an unbelievably powerful and beautiful perspective on life that we all need to experience.

Who We Are:

The mission and goal of PAASS is to create an inclusive supportive environment for individuals with developmental delays and learning challenges and to allow them to participate in community based sports and recreational programs. PAASS is also striving to raise understanding and acceptance. These programs invite high school and middle school students Buddies" to volunteer and support participants in various sports programs and activities. The volunteers gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives and approaches to thinking and living as well as teaches them to look beyond any differences and recognize each person‚??s potential. This in turn promotes personal growth for everyone involved in the program. We currently have soccer

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