Organization Profile

What We Do:

Our purpose is to provide a unique therapeutic environment including Equine Assisted Therapy for our veterans, their families and groups of veterans. We provide a place where they can learn and grow socially and emotionally to develop valuable life skills in a natural setting with professional support.We are a 501c3 non-profit sponsored project of Social Good Fund, Inc.

Who We Are:

Equine Assisted Therapy - a hands on approach for people that are used to action based results. For Everyone. Working with veterans and their families, Equine Assisted Therapy provides powerful opportunities to get at the heart of issues and lead to improved communication, stronger partnerships, and healthier relationships. For Any Problem. Whether treating addictions, trauma, social and behavioral disorders, depression or other issues, this therapy can help you find meaningful, lasting solutions. Professional Therapy. Equine Assisted Therapy involves a team incorporating the skills of a Licensed Mental Health Professional, a Certified Equine Specialist, and Horses - working with you to reach your goals. All activities are ground based, non-riding and no horse experience is required.

Veterans & Military Families
Novato, CA, 94945