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Saint Vincent's Day Home

In 1911, Saint Vincent's Day Home opened its doors to provide nurturing care and education for the children of poor, working families in West Oakland; helping children thrive and families achieve self-sufficiency. The mission of the Day Home has remained constant over a century of service: to provide quality care, early childhood education, and family services to those in greatest need, ensuring that children are educated and nurtured, and their parents are empowered to meet family responsibilities. As the longest running and single largest child development center in Alameda County, Saint Vincent's has always been a home away from home. We are open year-round, at least 246 days per year, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., to meet the needs of our families. We currently serve 220 children enrolled from 197 families. Presently 74% of our children are from single-parent households. The children need care because their parents are working full-time, pursuing a vocation, or have a qualified disability. Our comprehensive Early Learning Program includes a quality Early Learning curriculum, nutritious meals, annual health screenings, and when needed, specialized educational support, such as speech therapy and reading support.We are located in the heart of West Oakland, one of the Bay Area's most challenged communities; a neighborhood burdened by poverty and crime. Nearly all of families earn far less than 85% of California's median income; now approximately $71,000 per year for a family of four. For families facing the challenges of single parenthood, the rising cost of living, or employment instability; the Day Home stands as an oasis of care and stability. Decades of research indicates that children who attend a quality Early Learning program experience enhanced development in cognition, language, and social-emotional functioning and are more ready to succeed in school. The greatest results are shown among low-income children. When children leave Saint Vincent's Day Home, they are confident and well prepared to enter primary school. Their parents have learned to support their child's development and advocate for their education. Parents can enter and succeed in the workplace assured that their children are safe, well cared for, and well educated. Saint Vincent's Day Home gives families the chance to break the generational cycle of poverty and dependency. This is the best outcome for children for whom a good education will make the greatest difference.

Youth Development
Oakland, CA, 94607