Organization Profile

Sausalito Sister-Cities Exchange Program

What We Do:

The city of Sausalito has had a sister cities program with Sakaide, Japan for 28 years. On even years (such as this summer), we host teen-aged students for 10 days in late July/Aug. On odd years, we send students to Sakaide.

Who We Are:

We are recruiting host families (no Japanese language skills needed) and Day Captains (high school students with Japanese language skills) during our summer exchange program. Japanese teenagers will be staying with families in Marin County for 10 days (July 28-Aug 7). The Sausalito-Sakaide Sister Cities Program does all the work with putting together a packed program of daily activities for the delegates. Your family‚??s role would be to drop the students off every morning at Sausalito City Hall and pick them up for dinner with you and your family. There are also fun evening events that host families attend with their host student. In addition, if you have Japanese language skills, the program is looking for ‚??Day Captains‚?ù who can accompany the group on their planned events.

Youth Development
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