Organization Profile

SaveABunny, Inc.

What We Do:

Our Mission 

Healing and transforming the lives of rescued rabbits and their human guardians by connecting through trust and unconditional love. 

Our Beliefs

Every rabbit is a sentient individual deserving of love and respect. They, like all beings, have the right to feel secure and loved, and to have as much freedom as possible to express themselves. 

Adopting, fostering, volunteering and caring for a rescued rabbit is a profound life-enriching experience that benefits people, the animals and the community at large.

Who We Are:

We are a passionate, creative and professionally-run volunteer-based, nonprofit animal rescue group organization that educates the public about living with domestic rabbits as beloved household companions. We rescue rabbits facing imminent euthanasia at animal shelters and rehabilitate them (if needed) and find them loving homes or provide hospice. SaveABunny is \internationally recognized as the go-to resource for special needs or abused rabbits who can blossom if given the time and medical attention to heal. Our expertise is the combination of excellent conventional veterinary care and progressive complementary and holistic healing with special attention to the emotional well-being of the animals.

Did you know that house rabbits are as smart as cats and dogs? And that they learn their names, play with toys and bond to their humans and rabbit friends for life? And, that rabbits are the third most frequently euthanized animals at animal shelters?

Even in Marin County rabbits do not receive the same protection against abuse and neglect that cats and dogs receive. SaveABunny is deeply committed to saving animal lives and humane education. We work closely with animal shelters to rescue rabbits facing euthanasia, as well as provide training to staff and the general public on the unique care and needs of companion rabbits as treasured indoor companions. Each year SaveABunny rescues between a hundred and two hundred rabbits who would otherwise be euthanized. Beyond the obvious enjoyment you'll get from meeting and snuggling the rabbits, you'll gain satisfaction in realizing the direct impact and contribution you make on behalf of the animals

All our animals are spayed and neutered before adoption. We welcome compassionate and reliable volunteers to assist with a wide variety of needs. You'll have fun and right away make a difference in the life of a lonely animal.

Here's some of the ways you can help:

Rabbit Care--feeding, cleaning cages and litter boxes,socialization

Rabbit Grooming and Health--nail trims, brushing, medicating and socializing the rabbits

Adoptions--work with potential adopters to place rabbits in forever loving homes

Facility Care--Gardening, cleaning public areas,maintaining supplies

Transportation--vet appointments, shelter pick-ups, foster transportation

Administration--mailings,emails,newsletters,maintaining forms and lists

Grant Development-research, developing proposals,contacting government agencies and foundations for support

Technical-web maintenance, computer repairs,database development and maintenance,photography

Marketing and PR--assist in promoting SaveABunny mission and events with press releases, social media, ad campaigns, media strategy

Fostering---sharing your home and love with a rabbit waiting to be adopted. Three month commitment preferred.

Outreach programs--visit schools, participate in children's programs, expos, adoption outposts and special events

Auctions--purchase or create items to sell on ebay, manage the auction process

Online Sales--such as Etsy, eBay and Zazzle

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Mill Valley, CA, 94941