Organization Profile

Seven Circles Foundation

What We Do:

The Seven Circles Foundation is a volunteer organization established to promote and support spiritual practices based on the ancient ways of Native American Indigenous People. The Foundation will cultivate the understanding and awareness of these practices, helping to form a basis of a community inclusive of people from all nations.

Who We Are:

Seven Circles sponsors and promotes Native American ceremonies such as Sweat Lodges, Pipe ceremonies, Yuipi ceremonies and the Sun Dance. These ceremonies are free of charge and available to anyone interested in attending. We also bring Native American elders into schools and other gatherings to educate students and the public about Indigenous lifeways. Occasionally we run programs for incarcerated youth, youth at-risk and people in recovery from alcohol and other People with Health-based Concerns, as we find that the ceremonial fires and ways help recalibrate our relationship to Nature and the higher power" that many have lost. We have a number of existing sweat lodges in Marin County (including the lodge at Spirit Rock Meditation Center). We can also bring ceremony into classrooms

Lagunitas, CA, 94938