Organization Profile

What We Do:

Star Academy is a recognized leader in education for Bay Area special needs students. Our students serve as examples of what is possible with effective, individually tailored education. They possess an awareness of their skills, develop self-understanding and self-confidence, and learn to capitalize on their strengths and talents. They experience the joy of friendships and the pride of work well done, and make positive contributions to the communities in which they live.Mission StatementStar Academy provides an intensive, individualized academic program for students with learning differences with a commitment to helping them achieve their full potential and lead gratifying, productive lives.

Who We Are:

We fulfill our mission by:Offering a full spectrum of specialists, curricula, remediation and the arts, using proven multi-sensory methodologies, hands-on-learning techniques, small academic class sizes, and numerous one-on-one and small group sessions, all within an academic program based on California Department of Education content standards.Assisting students in becoming proficient in reading, writing, and arithmetic with programs specifically designed for students with learning differences, and using the most effective assistive technologies.Helping students identify and develop their strengths and teaching to these strengths.Developing our students‚?? executive abilities.Supporting students in the development of meaningful friendships and relationships and helping them become effective communicators by strengthening their self and social awareness, thinking, communication and interaction skills.Providing support and education for the families of our students.Extending our reach by serving as a training resource and by partnering with other organizations to host educational events and seminars for parents, community professionals and the public.

Youth Development
San Rafael, CA, 94903