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Street Child US

What We Do:

Street Child provides vulnerable street children in West Africa with the opportunity to access education, and their families with the means to keep them there. Since 2008 we have supported more than 45,000 children into school, including 17,000 Ebola orphans.We do this through a combination of emergency relief, family reunification, financial support, and the provision of sustainable livelihoods to families. We have also recently been asked by UNICEF to undertake its schools rebuild program in a remote area of Nepal, following the devastating earthquake of April 2015.Working either directly on the streets or in remote villages, since inception in 2008 Street Child has helped tens of thousands of children find a more positive life away from the streets. We have created educational opportunities for more than 45,000 children, and given out more than 10,000 grants to help caregivers launch small businesses and afford food and education for their children.

Who We Are:

We are a global organization with fundraising offices in the US, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, and various other European countries. We fund local partners to co-design and implement our programs, which are all designed to get as many children sustainably into school as possible. Street Child US is the newest of the offices. We have been a registered 501c3 nonprofit since July 2015. We are headquartered in the Bay Area.

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