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Suscol Intertribal Council


What We Do:

Native Americans indigenous to Napa Valley and other descendants of first peoples of North America who currently live in Napa County and surrounding regions of North Bay area. Also supporters who are respectful and want to support primary mission of education and cultural preservation of indigenous peoples of North America. People off all ages and ethnicities are welcome to become involved as supporters or volunteers.

Who We Are:

Suscol Intertribal Council is a community-based organization (CBO)founded in 1972 reactivated in 1992. It is located in the Napa Valley. The primary mission is preservation of Native American traditions & culture. To further this goal development of Native American land project in Chiles-Pope Valley, Napa County, CA. ‚??Suskol House‚?ù is a sustainable eco-friendly, 20 acres of open space; as well as preserving and protecting Native American sacred sites, culture and traditions. Suscol Council is dedicated to preserving human rights for indigenous people by networking with other NGOs around the world. Napa Valley is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited areas in North America and as there is no longer a land-based tribe in this county due to historical, mass relocations and detrimental exposure to diseases. Suscol Intertribal Council seeks to bring healing between existing population and people who historically inhabited Napa Valley and nearby counties. ‚?¢ Since 1992 Suscol Council has developed local educational outreach programs to public schools (K-14) and general community clubs and organizations. Suscol Council develops contracts from organizations that need to bridge with California tribes or urban Indians. A mentorship program is in place to help California Native people make connections with agencies, foundations, and corporations. Also to educate the general public about contemporary and pre-historic realities of California‚??s first peoples. ‚?¢ Once ‚??Suskol House‚?ù is built out it will continue to be used as a incubator model for sustainable gardening; sustainable off the grid housing. The continued use of social media for public exposure and education about experimental construction such as Bamcore; bamboo pre-fabricated housing with Fluid stone and waffle mat foundation as green sustainable, non-toxic ZERO carbon footprint. Sixteen of the twenty acres is also to preserve open space. Share art, cultural traditions for tribal people and others who have an interest and respect for Native American culture, traditions and art.

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