Organization Profile

What We Do:

Since 2004, TRUST, an inmate rehabilitation program inside San Quentin, as provided incarcerated men with programs to turn their liabilities into assets through education, leadership training, an community building. The goal of TRUST is to build a bridge of understanding and accountability between communities inside and outside of San Quentin. The leadership of TRUST consists of 20 me who, with the support of volunteers, create and implement all TRUST programs.

Who We Are:

The heat of TRUST is the weekly education program, nine months in length, that covers a wide range of topics in order to teach life skills, promote accountability, and prepare men for life after prison. The workshops are facilitated by the men and outside experts. Each year we graduate 40 men from this program. TRUST also offers other programs: anger management; health and wellness groups; Project LA, which prepares men who will be paroling in the Los Angeles area; San Quentin's Health Fair, supported by the Alameda County Department of Public Health, which brings in over 150 health professionals to provide preventative health services to over 2000 SQ inmates. A new project is the development of the TRUST website.

Education & Schools
Point San Quentin Village, CA, 94964