Organization Profile

What We Do:

Teens Turning Green (TTG) is a national movement of youth transforming the world by investigating and eliminating toxic exposures in daily lives, schools and communities, advocating for change in policy and habits to protect our health, and educating peers and the community about greener alternatives.

Who We Are:

TTG targets students 6-12 grade nationally to encourage a commitment to the preservation of their health and well being through environmental awareness and activism in their schools and communities. Our goal is to inform teens about an all-encompassing eco-lifestyle and educate about toxic chemical exposures. Through in-school curricular peer to peer education, national outreach events, powerful legislative advocacy in state capitols and educational forums, we have engaged thousands of teens, teachers and community members and activated them protecting their right to health. We encourage taking the precautionary steps to reduce the burden on our bodies and lessen the global impact, and advocate for the elimination of chemical exposures in our daily lives.

Sausalito, CA, 94965