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Women's Wisdom Initiative

What We Do:

Our mission is to collect and share voices of compassion, solidarity and resilience to raise awareness for the 1 billion women worldwide that suffer from gender- based violence. We want every woman to have a voice at the table. We exist because trauma that is a result of gender- based violence can be healed through art, intimate connection and the sharing of personal wisdom and voices that were once silenced can rise again.

Who We Are:

The Women‚??s Wisdom Initiative offers an additional tool to existing aid communities and violence prevention programs for women‚??s empowerment. By incorporating the healing arts into support programs, women are given a new channel to feel their hearts again, celebrate their resilience and to share their wisdom. Our programs include: - Traveling Postcards, a healing arts workshop and training program for survivors of gender-based violence to create small works of original art that express their compassion for other survivors. These messages of solidarity are shared with other survivors around the globe. We bring our workshop to domestic violence shelters, rape crises centers, college campuses, refugee centers, military bases, community centers, homes and church basements and even once‚?¶the jungle! - Traveling Heart Hospital Bag Program, created as an immediate intervention for women who‚??ve just experienced sexual assault, this program is designed to quickly and powerfully connect sexual assault survivors with a supportive community, a healing arts Traveling Postcard workshop, and ongoing resources and support to help them heal from day one. - Shelter to Shelter, brings the Traveling Postcards workshop to shelters and safe houses and to vulnerable populations in rural communities across the country, giving voice to those who often remain invisible. -Virtual Wisdom Library, containing personal stories and artwork from survivors.

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