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YWCA San Francisco & Marin

What We Do:

The YWCA San Francisco & Marin is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Who We Are:

YWCA San Francisco & Marin is part of a worldwide movement dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Established in 1878, our association is one of the oldest and most respected women‚??s organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our program priorities focus on providing (1) safe, clean, and healthy affordable housing for seniors and disabled persons, (2) economic empowerment for women and girls, and (3) community engagement in racial justice and women‚??s issues.YWCA San Francisco & Marin‚??s Advocacy Program takes action on the most critical issues of our time impacting women and people of color because we believe the most effective policies are informed by the people and communities they impact. When women, people of color, and people who are low-income have a strong voice in the policies that matter to their communities and families, we all do better. In our efforts to bring about that better world, we train advocates, educate decision-makers, and convene key conversations to spark change. Each year we engage over 750 community members in collective action, educate almost 500 individuals on civic engagement and policy change, mobilize over 285 hours of volunteer service, and empower over 200 people to work to end individual and systematic racism.YWCA San Francisco & Marin believes that everyone should have a place they call home. However, access to this basic need is not always readily available in San Francisco, where housing costs nearly three times more than in other US cities and rent is rated as the highest nationwide. We address these issues through our YWCA Apartments program, a HUD (Section 202/8) subsidized housing facility established in 1979 to serve low-income elderly (age 62+) and persons with disabilities. Our 97 apartment units, located at the heart of San Francisco‚??s Chinatown, currently house 115 tenants. Our Resident Services Program ensure these tenants don‚??t just have a place to live, but are also connected to the services they need to ensure they can live their lives with limited means, and remain healthy and active well into their senior years. On average our residents live in our building well into their 80s and 90s with full and healthy lives.Since its inception in 2000, the FiftyPlus Employment Support Program has been serving hundreds of low income mature women in each year with job training and placement services that lead to living wage jobs and economic self-sufficiency through employment. FiftyPlus provides a targeted mix of services and strategies to improve clients‚?? job readiness, and connects clients to the best job opportunities in the local market for their unique needs. Our targeted model provides best in class results for the women we serve. Clients find a job on average in 14 weeks or less, as compared to the national average of 57 weeks for this demographic. The average wage secured by clients is over $21/hour, more than double Marin‚??s minimum wage. In addition, half of clients see a wage gain in their first job after completing their FiftyPlus training, while nationally two-thirds of older workers lose wages as they reenter the workforce. Finally, our placements are durable, with almost 80% of clients remaining employed at 6 and 12 months post placement.YWCA knows that many organizations recognize the value of diversity, but struggle to maintain highly effective multicultural teams. That‚??s because diversity alone isn‚??t enough. Our unique new Inclusion Inventory Program bridges the critical gap between diversity and inclusion. We‚??ll help you create an environment where people can bring their unique experiences and strengths to the table, without minimizing core aspects of their identity or their culture. YWCA works with both organizations and individuals to create truly inclusive cultures and operations ‚?? leading to more equitable environments and greater satisfaction. Our rigorous methodology and proven self-evaluation tools merge with your development goals for a customized training experience that carves a path towards inclusion.The Marin Women‚??s Hall of Fame (MWHF) Program‚??s mission is to publicly honor achievements of Marin women, preserve their stories, educate the public and inspire the continued achievements of women and girls.. Every fall we open the nominations process and receive applications, every January the new class of 4-5 inductees is announced, and every March these inductees are welcomed into the Hall of Fame with a formal program that educates the community on their contributions. To date over 140 women have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.The Computer Learning Center Program is open to the public as well as residents of the apartments. The lab has 12 up to date Dell computers equipped with Microsoft Office and internet access. Students have free access to computers during this time. Some bilingual Chinese/English assistance is available on select afternoons. The lab is equipped with English based PCs supporting Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Printing is available for a small fee. Users can check email, buy things on-line, search for jobs, write cover letters and resumes, and more.

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