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We are the proud mamas of two very amazing, resilient kids with rare but similar conditions. One was born prematurely and from the beginning of his life on earth has known nothing but pain. The other was born healthy and remained that way until a viral illness drastically changed her life at nine years old. We believe that we are on this journey for a reason. Life has it's twists and turns, we never would have chosen this journey, but it was given to us. We are passionate about helping others maneuver through the uncharted waters of rare autoimmune diseases. Our children don't fit into a perfect Diagnosis" package all tied up with a bow (oh

Who We Are:

how we've wished this was the case). Their illnesses require out of the box thinking from caregivers and doctors. Thankfully both kids have an amazing team of physicians that have done that for both of them

Fairfield, CA, 94534