Organization Profile

What We Do:

We exist as a voice for families and individuals affected by mental illness. Our program goals include Outreach and Stigma Reduction throughout the community, Advocacy for the rights and services of the mentally ill on a local, state and federal level, and Education and Support for those affected by mental illness. Our programming is nationally distinguished with well trained volunteers with lived experience leading the efforts.We are an affiliate in good standing with NAMI National and NAMI California.

Who We Are:

We have a four fold mission:EDUCATION: Our programs provide the tools, awareness, and coping skills needed to overcome the challenges faced by people and families affected by mental illness.SUPPORT: Our groups are facilitated by trained family members and individuals who have firsthand experience coping with mental illness.OUTREACH: We strive to end discrimination and stigma for all those persons affected by mental illness through broader education and collaboration with the whole community.ADVOCACY: We are striving to raise awareness of mental health issues and improve access to quality care.

Health & Wellness
Fairfield, CA, 94533