Organization Profile

Solano Midnight Sun Breast Cancer Foundation

What We Do:

The Solano Midnight Sun Foundation was founded by Deb Wood and Elizabeth Fry in 2004. Deb and Elizabeth are both breast cancer survivors. During their own battles with cancer, including six months of chemotherapy and radiation, Deb and Elizabeth realized many women did not have the financial resources, family support or access to treatment, they were blessed to have. Many women were uninsured or underinsured, and their cancer treatment had not only an emotional and physical impact, but a tremendous financial impact as well. Something had to be done to help and thatâ??s how the Solano Midnight Sun Foundation was born.

Who We Are:

Our mission is to provide assistance and resources to men and women in our local community affected by breast cancer. We offer temporary financial assistance to women who have experienced a financial hardship during their cancer treatments and need help paying for basic living expenses. SMSF also promotes breast health and early detection, providing mammogram sponsorships to under-insured women. We are in the business of saving lives, one patient at a time.

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Vacaville, CA, 95688